Spring Chick Title Still

A few weeks ago, we were asked to film an all women’s Touch Rugby Tournament, aptly named ‘The Spring Chick’ as this was the first tournament of the season, and featured only ‘chicks’ on the pitch. The resulting promotional video would not only showcase this massive event (the largest all women’s touch tournament in the Northern Hemisphere only in its second year!!), but also demonstrate the fun you can have playing touch with like minded girls, darting and diving around like anything………….these girls were here to show the men how its done!!

Fire and Diamond Films were only too happy to film it……..our Executive Producer has a background in Sports TV, and was therefore no stranger to the requirements of a slick, well crafted sports promo – what she wasn’t prepared for, however, was the speed of the game………….lets just say ‘Touch’ is a bit faster than golf!!!!

Watch Video Here


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